A year ago today…

#insidemymind On September 13, 2016, during a workday like any others, I was tying my shoes to go running my usual 5 kilometres on my lunch break. Accompanied by colleagues with their health at heart, my feet walked the ground without me being aware that it was one last time. The last time I would […]

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My Lemtrada marathon

Part 1 of …? An article under the theme: #everydaylifewithms Since June 14, the day when I decided to opt for this treatment, my days are summed up by the three words I have chosen for my title. But, first things first, what is Lemtrada (alemtuzumab)? Shortly, it’s a selective immunomodulator, for patients with RRMS […]

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Religion(s) and Illness

#insidemymind Hey! Careful there, religion is a delicate topic to address. It is something that (everyone, even those who are not sick) avoid when they do not want to waste energy, much like politics or the Montreal Canadiens and the exchange of Pk Subban. If you know it’s a tricky topic, why are you tackling it? […]

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The Fable my life has become

#insidemymind THE FOX AND THE CROW Master Crow sat on a tree, Holding a cheese in his beak. Master Fox was attracted by the odour, And tried to attract him thus. « Mister Crow, good day to you. You are a handsome and good-looking bird! In truth, if your song is as beautiful as your plumage, […]

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Imprisoned in a tunnel vision

#insidemymind It had to be with a group named « The Living End » that I reverse my habits. I therefore begin this article with a song extract: The Living End – Prisoner Of Society «Well we don’t need no one to tell us what to do Oh yes we’re on our own And there’s nothing you […]

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Fuck you Barrette. But please be happy, it seems badly needed in your situation.

#youveearnedanarticle I fully assume my caption, at the risk of jeopardizing any possibility of career advancement at the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the MSSS (as they call it, they, who love acronyms), for which I work indirectly though not too much nowadays. Believe me, I am not bashing my employer (Centre Jeunesse : Youth […]

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