The one where I pretend to be a film and food critic

Chronicle #everydaylifewithms

Wednesday morning was a wonderful day in Montreal (I must specify because I now have international readers! Hi guys!), it happened on the day my mother came for her weekly visit. We decided to go have breakfast on a terrace since we had just had a very grey two weeks.

Destination: Quartier Dix-30, where we hit our nose on a shut door at the Juliette et Chocolat which did not open before 10:30 (it was 10:20). We wandered around looking for a place to calm our hunger and stumbled upon a nice terrace at the restaurant Allô! mon Coco. Although there was a wait (on a Wednesday morning wtf?), we still wanted to have a spot on the terrace; the weather was too nice not to take advantage of it. While we waited, the hostess suggested we took a walk and come back in a few minutes, I smiled and explained that even if it did not look like it, I was handicapped and I needed to sit down. I asked her if we could wait at an empty table. She hesitated a microsecond before agreeing. * Mental high five to me for how I handled the situation *

My gaze fell on this poster:


«Between May 1st and May 31, 2017, participate in the #SPcocochallenge! We invite you to crack an egg on your head to raise money for multiple sclerosis. Share your video online and make a donation. Order our Choco-coco plate and 1$ will be donated to the MS Canadian society.»

Difficult not to notice it … It must be a bit like when you buy a new car, suddenly the roads are full of them. In fact, there is the same amount out there, but our glasses have changed. So we now notice, what once seemed insignificant. In short, I thought I had no choice but to order this plate (fortunately, it fell right in my tastes).

I learned a little more about the #mscocochallenge. It sounds a bit like the IceBucketChallenge, but in a messier way. You have to crack an egg on your head. Although I greatly appreciate the support and courage of this chain of restaurants and I cannot support this cause more, I will not do the #mscocochallenge. Believe me, I understand the reference and I’m not afraid of the ridiculous, I did the IceBucketChallenge in 2014, gif proof here:

The aim of this exercise was to make people feel what it is like to live with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and to collect donations. I did not suspect that I would tread the same ground three years later with a neighbouring disease. ALS is very similar to progressive but very severe multiple sclerosis (not the type I have, for now at least): neurodegenerative, reaching the spinal cord and irreversible. You stay aware of it, but you lose all your capacities little by little (but very fast). The frozen bucket was meant to imitate a « paralysis » effect.

The campaign with the Icebucketchallenge has raised millions of dollars for research into neurodegenerative diseases and has been a massive success. It’s easy to see what has been done: a link between restaurant, MS and social networks. Which in itself is a very good idea Win / Win / Win. It’s just that it seems to me that this is a great missed opportunity to make the public aware of this disease. Because cracking an egg on your head looks nothing like what living with multiple sclerosis means. If you want to know what MS can do, read this article. Why not print « Did you know? » on your tablemats during the month of May and give information to people about multiple sclerosis? I am sure the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada would volunteer to help you.

In spite of this slight irritant, I think I must still advertise your restaurant, free of charge, without you having asked for anything. I still buy your product and I strongly recommend it because it was frankly delicious (the coffee deserves to be improved though …). I also buy your product because your employees are sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities (two employees hurried to move a chair from a table so that a person in a wheelchair could sit down easily) and your toilets are easily accessible to us too. Thank you very much for your support!

Culinary culinary section completed.

After this sumptuous meal, we headed to the movie theater to see the last Quebec/Canada movie of the summer: Bon Cop Bad Cop 2.

To be honest, I have to say that my expectations were not high. The first movie was very good when I listened to it in 2006 (when I was 16 years old) but it aged badly. For having recently re-watched it, I found that the scenario needed more work. This is not the case with this one at all.

My criticism will remain vague, because I really encourage you to go and see it and I do not want to reveal any punch. Only know that you will laugh and cry (if you have a sensitivity to diseases). To be able to connect me, the 27-year-old Frenchy-Frog-Québécoise, with a stereotype of a cold-emotionless-Ontarian, it really needs to be done well. The Quebec/Ontario (French/English) rivalry is present throughout the film, but always with humour. There is also a sense of siblings with Ontario facing the United States who are a bit of a « bully » in the movie. In short, I highly recommend it, the weaknesses of the first have certainly been corrected!

End of critic section


The disease becomes invasive on a daily basis in part also because our glasses have changed. I am often talked to about different « natural » approaches to managing the disease (I am not talking about meditation / yoga / eating well / exercising, that’s fine). I am targeting the type of natural-bio-vegetarian approach, you know, the kind of approach where we welcome disease and pain in our body to accept it better.

Fuck that, multiple sclerosis, you’re not welcome in my body, get out ASAP!

I will hurt anyway and even those who accept it, they would like to get rid of it anyway (here if you thought « if you accepted it you would have less pain », please slap yourself in the face). It is like accepting the new imbecile partner of a loved one; We endure it because we have no choice, but at the first blunder he/she commits, we hasten to emphasize it. Is it not a bit hypocritical to say that we accept that he/she is part of our lives in this context?

You have to accept what you cannot change * whisper the wise part in me * Even if you would get rid of it at the first opportunity? * Shouts my new self who has tasted anger, feeling of injustice and acute pain in the past few months *

For now, I say to myself that I want to live my life so that it is MS that regrets to have « chosen » me (since I do not have a better word). Will I find charisma to multiple sclerosis over the years? After all, some people gain to be known better. I will keep you posted…

Les Cowboys fringants – Les Étoiles Filantes

«Travailler, faire d’son mieux
En arracher, s’en sortir
Et espérer être heureux
Un peu avant de mourir

Mais au bout du ch’min dis-moi c’qui va rester
De notre p’tit passage dans ce monde effréné?
Après avoir existé pour gagner du temps
On s’dira que l’on était finalement

… Que des étoiles filantes»

It could translate to:

 «Working, doing your best
Having a hard time, pulling through
And hoping to be happy for a while before dying
But at the end of the road, tell me what will remain
Of our short stay in this hectic world?
After having existed to save time
We’ll tell ourselves that in the end we were
… Only shooting stars»

2 commentaires sur “The one where I pretend to be a film and food critic

  1. Great post, Steph! I did the Brave-the-shave challenge a couple of years ago to raise money and awareness for cancer and cancer treatment. I won’t do that again because so many people took pity on me as they assumed I was undergoing cancer treatment…I know these fundraisers mean well and the work they do does bring comfort to a lot of people! Take care and all the best, K-A

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